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Little White Earbuds Reviews Movement 2013

After a week spent resting their weary bodies and sore heads, LWE correspondents Elly Schook and Michael C. Walsh offer up their thoughts on America’s most anticipated electronic music festival.

LWE Reviews VIA Fest 2012

With VIA Fest, the organizers created a space to showcase the intersection between art and music using atypical venues in the city to host the performances. Here our correspondent Lauren Cox provides her review of the 2012 edition.

LWE Guide To VIA Festival 2012

VIA is the nexus of once-in-a-lifetime performances in intimate venues, not to be missed if you can make it to Pittsburgh. As a media partner of the festival, LWE presents its guide to the festival.

Moody, Why Do U Feel EP

Never one to avoid controversy, Kenny Dixon Jr. picks a reviled figure of recent musical times as the sample source for Why Do U Feel EP‘s most discussed track.

Little White Earbuds April Charts 2012

01. Model 500, “The Messenger” [R&S Records]
02. Claro Intelecto, “It’s Getting Late” [Delsin]
03. Andrés, “New For U” [La Vida]
04. Ifume, “Concrete Land” (Dub) [Komplex de Deep]
05. Paskal & Urban Absolutes, “Our Smile In Your Face” [Visky Recordings]
06. Emeralds, “Does It Look Like I’m Here?” (Daphni Mix 1) [Jiaolong]
07. Recloose, “Magic” [Rush Hour Recordings]
08. Moodymann, “U Ranaway” [Scion Audio/Visual]
09. Frak, “666” [Kontra-Musik]
10. Anthony Naples, “Mad Disrespect” [Mister Saturday Night Records]

DOTW: Moodymann, Picture This

This week’s download is particularly special: an entire new EP from Detroit legend, Moodymann, courtesy of Scion A/V.

Oliver $ Explains Doin’ Ya Thang To LWE

When LWE was offered the opportunity to interview Oliver “$” Siebert, we knew it was important to ask about the arrangements, motivations, and ethical quandaries behind one of 2011’s most notorious records.

Oliver $, Doin’ Ya Thang

The most audacious example of riding Moodyman’s coattails is undoubtedly Oliver $’s Doin’ Ya Thang, a record that swiftly admits it has nothing to offer besides extended samples of a Moodymann DJ set.

Moody, Ol’ Dirty Vinyl

With Ol’ Dirty Vinyl, Kenny Dixon Jr. puts into practice his love for a wide range of musical styles.

Urban Tribe, Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe’s latest release arrives on Moodymann’s Mohagani Music label and feels more like a quaint document than a magnum opus, the techno equivalent of a living-room jam recorded on someone’s cheap tape deck.

Moody, Det.riot ’67

[KDJ] Kenny Dixon Jr., or Moodymann, has earned his capital A Detroit Auteur title. He’s been essential to the scene and sound for the past fifteen years. If deep-house fetish was the biggest meme of European techno in 2008, then it was appropriate that Moodymann exported his own crackle, providing necessary remixes for Jose James […]

Sascha Dive, Deepest America

[Ornaments] The third release on the mysterious, limited edition Ornaments label looks to be the highest profile yet. The original August 2007 release of Sascha Dive’s “Deepest America” on Deep Vibes Recordings included two mixes by his alter ego, Samuel Davis, and this release features a third, the Dark Soul Mix. While it’s a funky […]