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Signature Series, Self Titled EP

Part of Melbourne’s bubbling house scene, Dan Steele and Andrew Broughton make their self-titled debut as Signature Series on their own Bad Party Records.

TCB, Monogamie

Like Live At Robert Johnson, the label he runs with Ata, Oliver Hafenbauer’s Die Orakel imprint mines left of center sounds with The Citizen’s Band.

John Barera & Matt Gavris, Passenger EP

The Passenger EP with Matt Gavris is pretty different fare from John Berera’s contribution to Steffi’s Panorama Bar mix, serving up house in spacey, proggy, and classic varieties.

Julius Steinhoff, You Collect Secrets

Like the catalog of Smallville, the label Steinhoff part-owns, the three tracks on You Collect Secrets tracks have an elegant, streamlined beauty to them but rarely slip into feeling stuffy or pretentious.

Mike Sharon, Deep Empathy EP

Mike Sharon’s Deep Empathy EP, the second record for Sheffield’s No More Noise Records, has all the signature ingredients of deep house but not much else to distinguish it.

Tin Man, Acid Test 08

With their Tin Man-helmed eighth release, Acid Test begins to reveal the limits of its 303-specific mission.

Trevino, 3 & 1

3 & 1, the latest single from Trevino on 3024, affirms that the veteran producer’s techno and house ambitions keep both audiences and himself satisfied.

Various Artists, Skum One

This inaugural release from Skudge and Kontra-Musik’s joint label, Skum, draws together two artists from each label, with predictably strong results.

Oskar Offermann & Edward, Verses

Like their previous collaboration, Oskar Offermann & Edward’s Verses peddles a carefully-measured mixture of rigid sounds with soft, gorgeous ones.

Steve Moore, Zen Spiders

Zen Spiders sees Steve Moore again turning his analog setup to kosmische soundscapes, though with a softer, more lethargic edge than we’ve heard in recent times.

Mountain Range, From You I Have Been Absent in the Spring

Mountain Range’s From You I Have Been Absent in the Spring continues Aniara’s hot streak with its unusually catchy dub house sound.

Chase Smith, WT 18 Chase Smith

The four tracks on WT 18 Chase Smith, Chase Smith’s recent EP for WT Records shoot off in directions that even his debut record couldn’t have predicted.

Gunnar Haslam, Mimesiak

The debut album of Gunnar Haslam, an unknown producer from New York City, feels at ease in the L.I.E.S. stable while expanding the range of sounds its constituents are known for.

Recordkeepers: Johan Elgstrom of Bounce Audio

Our third Recordkeepers feature finds LWE staff writer Nick Connellan sitting down with Johan Elgstrom, owner and sole employee at Bounce Audio in Melbourne, Australia.

Various Artists, 001

Studio r° make the jump from online TV station to record label with 001 from Fred P., Eric Cloutier, Korablove, and Anton Kubikov.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Cosmin TRG

LWE caught up with Cosmin TRG in the midst of a whirlwind tour and discussed originality, how his sophomore album came together, and navigating the international DJ lifestyle.

Steven Tang, Disconnect to Connect

Steven Tang’s debut album, Disconnect to Connect, was 14 years in the making, but thankfully bears a timeless quality as it presents the best of his deep house sound.

Various Artists, 100DSR/VAR1

It’s hard not to feel excited about 100DSR series, Delsin’s symbolic arrival at catalog number 100, which kicks off with Claro Intelecto, Gerry Read, and Unbroken Dub.

Nick Höppner, Red Hook Soil EP

True to form, all the three tracks on Red Hook Soil have a subtle uniqueness to them, and share the same with Nick Höppner’s previous efforts.

Marcel Fengler, Fokus

Fokus, the debut album from the still burgeoning Marcel Fengler, is as deep an insight into his world as anything ever will be.