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Martyn, Vancouver (Head High Remix)

Having crossed paths previously in remix form when Martyn remixed Shed’s “Another Wedged Chicken” to great effect, Pawlowitz is perfectly positioned to return the favor under his bone crunching Head High alias on a new single released by 3024

The Traveller, A100

Christening yet another new moniker, René Pawlowitz’s debut as The Traveller has a fair bit in common with the music of his most famous guise, Shed.

Lee Holman, 2nd Kawl

Although I would stop short of calling Lee Holman an imitator, 2nd Kawl comes tantalizingly close to the rarefied territory inhabited by René Pawlowitz.

EQD, Equalized#004

Unlike the bulk of Rene Pawlowitz’s material under a plethora of aliases, Equalized#004 feels fussy and mundane rather than effortless and awe-inspiring.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Shed

In this incredibly candid interview, René Pawlowitz — best known to the world as Shed — filled us in on his typical creative process, his misgivings with the general state of techno, and the burden of having a moniker that sticks.

Shed, The Traveller

Where past Pawlowitz records have fit beautifully into a straight line, the fourteen tracks on Shed’s The Traveller tie the filament in knots or scramble it in nearly inscrutable code.

LWE’s 5 Artists Who Defined 2009

It’s likely we all know the events and stories for which 2009 will be remembered: global recession, the first year of Obama’s presidency, a seemingly endless stream of celebrity deaths, the stolen Iranian and Afghani elections and Japan’s historical shakeup, and Twitter’s penetration into almost everything. But when we look back at the year and remember the dance music artists whose significance was widely felt in 2009, whose faces and vinyl sides will spring to mind? This is tricky territory to parse while still standing inside its confines, but a worthwhile pursuit nonetheless — if for no other reason than to see how accurate I am a few years down the line. The producers I chose made artistic decisions whose deep impact is still creating ripples now, perhaps into 2010. My list overlooks many influential artists (special apologies to STL, Fred P., Moritz Von Oswald, Appleblim, et al.) and shouldn’t be seen as necessarily an endorsement of each selected, but rather acknowledgment of their importance to the dance music climate created this year. Together yet apart, these individuals contributed to the broader narrative none of us can yet decode; here’s my attempt to make some sense of it.

Wax, Dub Shed Sessions I

It’s easy to gloss Rene Pawlowitz’s essential Shedding the Past album for Ostgut Ton last year as an exercise in purity through genre affiliation (in that instance, industrial-strength techno). Yet I suspect the man — recording variably as Shed, EQD, Wax, STP, and Deuce (with Marcel Dettmann) — believes less in adherence to a particular beat structure and compositional strategy than in finding club music’s future in a raw envisioning of its past. How else can Pawlowitz’s instantly recognizable sound (bass boom + sharp synth burst = swift Armani Exchange model genocide) wend its way through steely retro house (Wax’s “20002B”) and soulful dubstep (his Shed remix of Peverelist’s “Junktion”), all the while keeping the fire of true techno music better than any of his more clear-cut classicist Hard Wax associates?