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LWE Podcast 197: nd_baumecker

LWE got in touch with nd_baumecker to find out when we can expect to hear more from Barker & Baumecker, if he plans on releasing any of his own tunes and who else he is working with in the studio. He also mixed our 197th exclusive podcast which shows off his incredible talents as a DJ; an hour of house and techno mixed with a few early influences too.

LWE Interviews Norman Nodge

LWE caught up with Norman Nodge recently to chat about Berghain 06, the constantly shifting techno scene of Berlin, and that pesky GEMA issue that everyone keeps talking about.

DOTW: Atomâ„¢ + Pink Elln, Live At Berghain Side B

This week we witness the magic that happens when Uwe Schmidt and Tobias Freund join forces.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Ben Klock

To many, Ben Klock is techno. Given his lengthy CV, this is hardly surprising. LWE sat down with Klock in New York to talk about the ’90s, the warmth of Berghain techno and his dad’s experience at the club.

LWE Interviews Adam X (Traversable Wormhole)

Adam X’s is a fascinating story of identity politics, personal reinvention, and career resuscitation. He sat down for a revealing and surprisingly relaxed interview with LWE to explain the whole thing.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Shed

In this incredibly candid interview, René Pawlowitz — best known to the world as Shed — filled us in on his typical creative process, his misgivings with the general state of techno, and the burden of having a moniker that sticks.

LWE Interviews Martyn

Dutchman Martijn Deykers has made a sizable impression on electronic music over the past two years with a striking run of singles and remixes under the moniker Martyn that helped to shed light on the burgeoning disparities within dubstep. This was crowned by his debut full length album which dropped at the start of 2009; Great Lengths had instant classic stamped all over it and this was reflected by its high placed status in end of year lists and polls. A DJ for many years, his music production career started out with drum & bass releases for Marcus Intalex’s Revole:r label, before side-winding into dubstep after the release of his “Broken/Shadowcasting” 12″ in 2007. Ever exploring new territory, Great Lengths also hinted at an affinity for house and techno, a penchant which is also mirrored in his DJ sets. LWE spoke to Martyn while he was on tour in Canada about his new Fabric mix, the inspiration of environment, and the development of his harder side.

LWE Interviews Marcel Dettmann

In discussions of his solo and collaborative productions for Ostgut Ton and his own MDR label, his biting remixes for folks as disparate as Modeselektor and Sandwell District, and his infamously expansive DJ sets, club music commentators invariably accuse Marcel Dettmann of being a purist. But purism — as a stance on techno — implies pretension, and you’d be hard pressed to meet a man who puts on fewer airs about this music than Dettmann. At his headlining appearance at New York’s famed Bunker party, he may have threaded the needle from Tan-Ru’s “Assembly” (his fitting tribute to the late Ian Loveday, who passed away in June) to Newworldaquarium’s “Trespassers” and touched on countless rare techno sides in between. But if Dettmann — casually clad in jeans and an MDR t-shirt and handing out high-fives to all who approached him — played professor in any regard that night, it was only delineating how one brings down the house and keep revelers enraptured straight through 6 a.m. A few hours before all this madness commenced, I sat down with the famed Berghain resident for a chat on dubstep, Deuce, and what this whole techno thing means to the man who has lately come to personify it.

Talking Shopcast with Ostgut Ton

For our fifth volume we focus on arguably Berlin’s hottest label, Ostgut Ton. It’s difficult to describe the label’s meteoric rise to the top of the pile without lapsing into hyperbole, as it evolved rapidly from merely Berghain/Panorama Bar’s label wing to a dominant force in underground dance music in roughly four years. In that short time, Ostgut Ton has helped make stars of Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Cassy, Shed, Prosumer & Murat Tepeli, and almost anyone else who earns one of its coveted catalog numbers. Each must-purchase release pushes house and techno forward in a way few labels can claim without letting the success go their heads. With that in mind, we picked label manager Nick Höppner’s brain about the label’s sound, its future, and even a tip for getting past Berghain’s bouncers. In case that’s not enough, we’ve also procured an exclusive and incredibly deep mix from Panorama Bar resident, Steffi.

Tony Lionni|Radio Slave, Berghain 03|Part 1

The first extracts from Len Faki’s curate’s egg of a mix CD showcases an established figure, and a relative newcomer. Radio Slave falls into the former category (if you haven’t heard one of his pounding remixes in the last couple of years, you haven’t been near a nightclub), while Tony Lionni is the fresh face in the Berghain finishing school.

Marcel Dettmann, MDR 04

[Marcel Dettmann Records] As the dark prince of the Berlin club scene, Marcel Dettmann has quite a buzz about him these days. Though he’s been a resident DJ at hotspot Berghain since it opened the first time, he’s a relative newcomer to recorded work, releasing his first tracks in 2006. Now, hot on the heels […]

Prosumer & Murat Tepeli interview (pt.2)

Thanks to the wonders of Skype, here are the guys in Prosumer’s Berlin flat during the interview. In part two of our conversation, Achim and Murat talk about their influences, the future of vinyl, and that geil gay crowd.

LWE’s Prosumer & Murat Tepeli interview

Achim Brandenburg (better known as Prosumer) and Murat Tepeli make no bones about their love for house music’s deep and formative days; and you won’t hear them apologizing for churning out irresistible tunes reverent to the classics and relevant to modern clubbers in equal measures. Serenity, their debut album recently released on Ostgut Tonträger, finds […]