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Interplanetary Prophets, Zero Hour

Ital and Hieroglyphic Being join forces as Interplanetary Prophets on the Zero Hour EP, which presents a cohesive and often bombastic journey into suitably dark astral plains.

Curator’s Cuts 30: Harry Sword

LWE’s Curator’s Cuts podcast series features our reviewing staff mixing together recent favorites and providing explanations for their selections. LWE staff writer Harry Sword compiled Curator’s Cuts 30. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as the curator discloses and describes the tracklist as part of the podcast.

Special Request, Hardcore EP

The Hardcore EP adds a deeper shade to Paul Woolford’s Special Request series, with remixes from both Anthony Naples and Lee Gamble bringing a spectral note.


With YYYYYYYYYY, Terekke takes the dubby, tape hiss saturated sound of his debut even further, pushing out to space.

Adrian Sherwood & Pinch, Bring Me Weed

On this bruising 12″, the Adrian Sherwood & Pinch get down to business with two hallucinatory and suitably bowel-rupturing paeans to the green stuff.

Exium, A Sensible Alternative to Emotion

While their majestic yet scuzzy sound has served them well, Exium ventures into far more ambitious areas with A Sensible Alternative to Emotion.

Various Artists, Panorama Bar 05

Of the three vinyl extracts from Panorama Bar 05, two are low-down rollers that echo Panorama Bar’s concrete commitment to the groove eternal, alongside one certified belter.

Black Jazz Consortium, Codes and Metaphors 3

Given the rich, sample-heavy weave of Fred P’s productions, the influence of mid-90s UK broken-beat is used to great effect throughout the hazy, jazz-infused jams of Codes and Metaphors 3.

Bicep, Stash EP

The four tracks that make up Bicep’s latest EP for Aus Music, Stash, bristle with sheen but suffer from a certain lack of imagination.

On Your Knees, Sinners: 20 Years of The House of God

A ramshackle and joyous celebration of DIY spirit, raw techno and uninhibited abandon, Birmingham’s legendary hive of sin and damnation, the House of God, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. LWE caught up with promoter Chris Wishart, resident Surgeon, and long time guest, Regis, to discuss the genesis of one of the world’s most seminal and idiosyncratic techno events.

Pev, Aztec Chant

While Peverelist tracks do not necessarily sit easily in a mix, the two tracks on his latest Livity Sound release are relatively direct and no less memorable.

Samuel Kerridge, Waiting for Love

On this Waiting For Love EP, Samuel Kerridge ladles out more of his exotic aural hell broth, this time for Birmingham’s legendary purveyors of sonic toil and curiosity, Downwards Records.

Burnt Friedman, Zokuhen

A tightly woven exploration of tribal acoustic instrumentation alongside driving electronic flourish, this EP by Burnt Friedman is a warm-hearted and eminently danceable set.

Terence Fixmer, Psychik EP

Prolific French producer Terence Fixmer brings three tracks of urbane and sculptural darkness to Psychik EP: hypnotic, slick, and precise.

Silent Servant / Santiago Salazar, Mi Alma

Silent Servant’s split 12″ with Santiago Salazar offers two beautifully sinewy techno sides, both imbued with differing shades of melancholy and bite.

Shape Worship, Observances EP

Observances marks an ambitious debut from Shape Worship — a richly emotive and textured EP, shot through with wistful melancholy and anchored by muscular beats.

Pangaea, Release

Pangea’s double EP, Release, is a record that contains a strong selection of darkly seductive night music — low key and built to last.

LWE Interviews Pangaea

Little White Earbuds caught up with Pangaea to talk about the early days of Hessle Audio, the perils of “listener fatigue,” and why techno may well be the way forward.

AnD, 001 / 0101

This pair of belting DJ tools — the debut release on AnD’s eponymous limited run label — ooze distortion, decadence and barely contained malevolence.