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Little White Earbuds September Charts

01. The Mole, “Lockdown Party” (Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama) [Perlon]
02. Spaventi Dazzuro, “Lonely” (Crunchy Club Mix) [M>O>S Recordings]
03. Stingray 313, “NKKK4_2” [[NakedLunch]]
04. Pegasus Heat, “Yum Yum” (Ike Release Gummi Remix) [Episodes]
05. HNNY, “Mys” [Let’s Play House]
06. Julius Steinhoff, “You Collect Secrets”
[Live At Robert Johnson]
07. BNJMN, “CVRD” [Rush Hour Recordings]
08. Hugh Mane, “Hard To Finish If You’re Finish” [Running Back]
09. Terrence Parker Feat. Reno Ka, “Finally” (Louie Vega Remix) [Planet E]
10. Credit 00, “East of Nowhere” [Uncanny Valley]

BNJMN, Hummingbird

The technicolor fizz blanketing BNJMN’s Hummingbird EP throws the current fixation on “the death of rave” into sharp relief.

LWE Reviews MUTEK 2012

After some rest and time spent organizing his thoughts, staff writer Steve Kerr offers his review of MUTEK 2012.

LWE Podcast 77: BNJMN is archived this week

LWE’s 77th podcast, mixed by BNJMN, wove together blurry house, acid, and a couple tracks that still have yet to be released. Be sure to add it to your collection before it’s archived this Friday, February 24th.

LWE’s Top 10 Albums of 2011

After much internal wrangling and voting, LWE has chosen the top 10 albums that feel representative of 2011.

BNJMN, Black Square

The Black Square LP finds BNJMN returning to Rush Hour Direct Current with a more somber outlook.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Albums

For LWE’s first 2Q Report of 2011, Jordan Rothlein rounds up five full-lengths that stand tall above their peers so far.

Little White Earbuds March Charts 2011

01. Gerd, “Time & Space” (Original Dusty Tape Mix) [Clone Basement Series]
02. The Weeknd, “What You Need” [self-released]
03. Tazz, “Underground 12” [Tsuba Limited]
04. FaltyDL, “Voyager” [Planet Mu]
05. Sven VT, “Sunday Funk” [Suol]
06. BNJMN, “See Thru Stars” [Rush Hour Recordings]
07. Kassem Mosse, “Untitled B2” [Workshop]
08. John Heckle, “What Once Was”
[Mathematics Recordings]
09. Levon Vincent, “Tyner” [Soul People Music]
10. Ajello ft. Hard Ton, “Chocolate Black Leather” [Danny Was A Drag King]

BNJMN, Plastic World

What’s perhaps most impressive about Plastic World is how confidently BNJMN navigates uncharted sonic territory.

LWE Podcast 77: BNJMN

LWE enlisted Ben Thomas to mix together our 77th exclusive podcast as BNJMN, one which illuminates his contemporaries as it weaves together blurry house, acid and unreleased material.