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Sandwell District, Fabric 69

Painting by Gustav Klimt [Fabric] “Sandwell District is dead” — except when they’re not. Since their watershed moment a couple years ago — which is tough to define, but probably around Feed-Forward — Sandwell District has come to embody much more than just a label. The notion of a collective à la Basic Channel seems […]

LWE Interviews Function

As Function emphasized repeatedly during this candid chat with LWE’s Jordan Rothlein — a conversation touching on New York and Berlin, the allure of vinyl DJing, and some tantalizing hints of what his debut solo album may hold — his story is one of continual evolution.

Yves De Mey, Counting Triggers

Yves De Mey’s Counting Triggers continues Sandwell District’s trajectory into the abstract but brings the quality right back up the level of Feed-Forward.

Octave One, Revisited Series 2

On Revisited 2, Sandwell District and Aril Brikha take on the nearly impossible task of improving on hits by Octave One.

Sandwell District, Feed-Forward

Feed-Forward is a defining statement about modern-day techno, assimilating existing tropes and narratives from all contributors’ recent and not so recent back catalogs to forge a new identity.

Little White Earbuds January Charts 2011

01. Hercules & Love Affair, “My House” [Mochi Mochi]
02. RNDM, “Hideaway Lane” (Dub) [Laid]
03. Lone, “Cloud 909” [Magic Wire Recordings]
04. Sandwell District, “Speed + Sound (Endless)” [Sandwell District]
05. XI, “Gamma Rain” [Orca Recordings]
06. Lauer, “Banned” [Live At Robert Johnson]
07. Audio Werner, “Guteaussichten” [Story]
08. Tin Man, “Nonneo” [Absurd Recordings]
09. Obsolete Music Technology, “Latency” [Machining Dreams]
10. Roman Flügel, “How to Spread Lies” [Dial]

Various Artists, Sandwell District Sampler Single One/Two

With two new multi-artist sampler singles, apparently appetizers for their forthcoming collective album, Sandwell District reveal even more depth to their artistic vision.

Function, Remixed

Sandwell District have been making acerbic waves in the techno scene for a couple of years now, and in 2009 it’s common knowledge that if you want proper techno you’d best head to Sandwell. Given that every one of this year’s SD releases, aside from Silent Servant’s fantastic “Negative Fascinations,” has been technically a remix, the choice to abandon the usual procession of catalog numbers in favor of the new “SDRM” code for this new 12″ of remixes is a surprise. Regardless, Berghain favorites Ben Klock and Norman Nodge are on deck to reshape Function’s massive “Disaffected” while anonymous Sandwell insider, CH-Signal Laboratories lends their hands to continue the Variance remix project from earlier this year.

N/A, Variance Edits

Where is the original version of “Variance”? What about “Variance II”? Who is N/A (or is the artist’s name just “not available”)? Thing is, the original artist’s name doesn’t really matter; the only name that does is Sandwell District. They’ve always had a penchant for facelessness, and with the recent release of the “Variance Edits” over two pieces of vinyl they’ve gone a step further into anonymity. But you always know where you stand with Sandwell District, and here they give you exactly what you ordered: “True. Techno. Music.”

Function, Anticipation

[Sandwell District] The label Sandwell District has always been a mixed bag. In an RA profile, label keystone Function, (or Dave Sumner of NYC if anonymity’s not your thing), explained that Sandwell release are selected by any of the artists involved. So the aesthetic values put forward can therefore have as much to do with […]