Author Archive: Andrew Ryce

Beaumont, Blush Response EP

Beaumont separates himself from the pack of 80’s revisiting producers with the Blush Response EP for Boxcutter’s Kinnego imprint.

LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Live Performances

For our third 2Q Report, Andrew Ryce reaches back into his memory for his five favorite live performances of 2011 so far.

Sigha, The Politics of Dying

The Politics of Dying further solidifies Sigha’s sound into an intriguing hybrid of continental efficiency and classic UK brutality, miles removed from the “bass music” associations from which he first emerged.

Aera, The Third Wave EP

Arguably sharing more with the new wave of bass-oriented UK house music than anything from his hometown of Berlin, Aera further develops his sound on The Third Wave EP.

Surgeon, Breaking The Frame

Surgeon’s Breaking The Frame is a difficult album that lives up to its title’s promise of deconstruction and paradigm shifting.

Maya Jane Coles, Focus Now EP

Maya Jane Cole’s development is apparent on each progressive release, and while the Focus Now EP isn’t quite perfect, it’s probably the strongest statement she’s made yet.

Semtek, West Acyd Shelter

Semtek reaches back into 70’s jazz-funk for the inspiration of his latest release, West Acyd Shelter.

Tom Demac, Indulge & Lunge

Mancunian house producer Tom Demac hasn’t exactly been on my top producers-to-watch list, but maybe that should change after his first solo release on liebe*detail.

Roman Flügel, Desperate Housemen EP

Desperate Housemen EP sits somewhere in-between Roman Flügel’s recent releases, pulling in the melodic grandeur of “Brian Le Bon” and sticking it in the subtle and refined template of his Dial EP.

Midland, Bring Joy EP

Harry Agius’ second release finally arrives half a year later for obscure London house label More Music, and, well, it sounds like more Midland.

Aleks Zen, High Life/Pimp Shoes

The latest to convincingly invoke 1986 is London producer Aleks Zen, who debuts with a single on Geiom’s always intriguing and eclectic Berkane Sol imprint.

Pittsburgh Track Authority, The First Four EP

Pittsburgh Track Authority’s The First Four EP is bolstered by a loose and limber sense of group interplay that makes them one of the most exciting prospects Uzuri has yet offered.

Morphosis, What Have We Learned

Morphosis’ What Have We Learned is conceptually, sonically and emotionally consistent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the stranger techno albums you’ll hear all year.

Andre Lodemann, Don’t Panic

Andre Lodemann’s second EP for Room With A View emphasizes his faint allegiances to deep house with two unhurried slow-burners that forgo conventional “deepness” in favor of unfettered and highly modern textures.

Peverelist, Dance Til The Police Come/Fundamentals

Dance Till The Police Come/Fundamentals is a departure from Peverelist’s past work, taking the nervous tics of “Better Ways Of Living” or “The Hum” and jetting off with them into full-on rave hysteria.

Dinky, Take Me/Polvo

Dinky’s first full solo release for the mighty Ostgut Ton sees her running back to the dance floor with two mighty tech-house slammers.

2562, Fever

Fever has Dave Huismans diving back into the cruel mechanical whiplash of his second album under the 2562 guise, Unbalance.

Smash TV, World Wide Wet

While the outfit’s name is as unfortunate as ever, the warm, disco-inflected beats presented on Smash TV’s World Wide Wet are certainly welcome.

Tazz, Underground 07 & 12

Underground 07 & 12 marks a first for the Montreal-based producer, stepping away from Jus-Ed’s label for a turn on the UK-based Tsuba Records.