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Joe Goddard, Gabriel Remixes

Joe Goddard’s “Gabriel” was destined for great remixes and gets four rock-solid interpretations coming from four very different angles.

Jimpster, Change In You

Change In You, Jimpster’s first release of 2011, sheds what was left of his deep-house roots in favor of the glossy, simple and infectious.

Braille, A Meaning

Braille’s debut EP for Hotflush Recordings is a typically Sepalcurean mishmash of house and garage influences both U.S. and UK.

John Osborn, Epoch4

One for the purists, one for the futurists, John Osborn’s Epoch4 is his and October’s new label TANSTAAFL in a nutshell.

Osunlade, Envision Remixes

Osunlade’s Pyrography album has largely been ignored, but perhaps ├éme and Dixon’s remixes of its “Envision” will garner some attention the second time around.

Axel Boman, Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger, Axel Boman’s first EP for sleazy outfit Glass Table, offers four tracks of slightly obscured but still approachable house music.

Peach Melba, Can’t Let Go

A new collaboration between Juan MacLean and American vocalist Amy Douglas, Peach Melba deals in rigid, taut grooves halfway between house and disco.

Pacific Blue, Industry

Shifted’s more house-oriented guise, Pacific Blue, makes its debut with Industry on the producer’s own Pacific Blue label.

Kowton, Keep Walking

Kowton’s latest comes on Irish narcotics dealer [nakedlunch] — a perfect fit for his sound when you think about it — and he blesses the label with some of his most complex and detailed tracks yet.

Sepalcure, Love Pressure Remixed

Love Pressure Remixed brings together FaltyDL, Lando Kal, XI, Daedelus and Jimmy Edgar to re-examine the first EP by Sepalcure.

Two Armadillos, People Of The World

Two Armadillos’ People of the World is pleasantly reserved, dressing down the usual London excitability in favor of pinstripes and pocket squares.

Phonogenic, The Raw Deal

The Raw Deal is a set of four immense, restless, and meticulously produced deep house tracks almost on par with Andre Lodemann’s masterful Don’t Panic EP on the label.

Pigon, Sunrise Industry

On their first release in three years, Pigon offer both explorations in patience-testing sound design and ultra-hushed deep house, a bewitching EP if you can strain your ears enough to hear it properly.

Terence Fixmer, The Night

Terrence Fixmer’s first solo release since his records for Electric Deluxe sees him stalking back into the EBM shadows and away from the Plastikman references and fluid grooves.

Inxec & Leks, How Can I Feel

Inxec & Leks’s How Can I Feel EP offers three tracks of relatively adventurous and consummately polished tech-house.

Incyde, Telophase

Incyde’s first official solo release arrives on Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast label, a fine fit for Alex Bishop’s slightly dub-leaning techno fusions.

S-Max & Spatial, Schmorgasbord 002

S-Max plays the strait-laced straight face to Spatial’s loopy and skewed maniac on the second platter from Bristol’s collaboration-centered Schmorgasbord imprint.

Marcel Fengler, Thwack Remixes

A year after it made a big impact on techno dance floors, Marcel Fengler’s “Thwack” gets a remix package with new takes by Norman Nodge, Mike Parker, and Luke Slater under two different names.

Arkist, Rendezvous

True to form, Arkist’s debut on the always weird Apple Pips label might be his best work yet.