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Actress, Silver Cloud

Preceding the long-awaited Ghettoville album comes Silver Cloud, perhaps the strangest record Actress has ever put his name to.

Pev & Kowton, Raw Code

The pairing of Peverelist and Kowton feels right at home on Hessle Audio on their Raw Code 12″.

The Knife, Full of Fire

“Full of Fire” is likely the most dance floor focused track The Knife have ever recorded, but also a satisfying step away from the affecting melodies of their previous work.

In Aeternam Vale, La Piscine

Minimal Wave’s further excavations yield a second single from the French duo In Aeternam Vale, this one even more relevant to contemporary audiences.

Burial, Truant / Rough Sleeper

Burial’s dramatic shift towards making longer pieces with multiple movements picks up steam on his late 2012 release, Truant/Rough Sleeper.

DJ Kaos, Kosmischer Ruckenwind Remixes

DJ Kaos’ Kosmischer Ruckenwind from 2009 is an enticing take on guitar-based kosmische musik, but it’s this remix package by Quiet Village and Elitetechnique that really delivers.

Jorge Velez, MMT Tape Series

Rush Hour offers yet another compendium of newly relevant archived dance music, this time by Jorge Velez and almost all previously unheard.

LWE Podcast 149: Levon Vincent

It’s with great pleasure that we ring in the new year with Levon Vincent at the helm for our 149th exclusive podcast: a journey through his record bag stocked with favorites both new and old.

LWE’s Top 5 Artists Who Defined 2012

For LWE’s third year-end column, associate editor Chris Miller shines the spotlight on five artists who defined 2012.

LWE’s Top 5 EPs of 2012

In LWE’s first year-end column associate editor, Chris Miller, picks five of the oft-overlooked EP format’s best releases in 2012.

Fiedel, Ferro

While the Berghain residents are hardly the monochromatic group of “dark, relentless techno” DJs some make them out to be, Fiedel still stands out as a bit of an oddball.

BBH: Château Flight, Cosmic Race / Instant Replay

Just to remind everyone how good Château Flight have always been, Versatile Records has recently reissued two of their very finest tracks.

Scuba, Hardbody

Where “Talk Torque” continued Scuba’s trajectory out of Panorama Bar and into Ministry of Sound, “Hardbody” is much better, pulling things back inside from the festival grounds and into the club.

Lee Gamble, Diversions 1994–1996

While sampling mixtapes from jungle’s frenetic heyday, Lee Gamble creates a kind of parallel universe where dance music is meant to be consumed horizontally.

Andy Stott, Luxury Problems

Andy Stott’s Luxury Problems is the work of a producer who seeking to discover what forms his now-signature sound can mutate into.

Joey Anderson, Earth Calls

Following appearances on Qu’s Strength Music and his own Inimeg Recordings, Earth Calls confirms Joey Anderson’s status as one of house’s most compelling current voices.

Juju & Jordash, Techno Primitivism

Whatever Juju & Jordash’s music is, it is evocative and cinematic, and they’re unafraid to use their arsenal of non-synthesized sounds to evoke some very non-techno locales throughout Techno Primitivism.

LWE Interviews Norman Nodge

LWE caught up with Norman Nodge recently to chat about Berghain 06, the constantly shifting techno scene of Berlin, and that pesky GEMA issue that everyone keeps talking about.

Ricardo Villalobos, Dependent And Happy

Across 10 sprawling sides of vinyl, Ricardo Villalobos leaves several years of missed opportunities in the rearview and reaffirms his role as one of dance music’s most peculiar and vital voices.