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Max Loderbauer, Transparenz

With Trasparenz, listeners find perennial man-behind-the-curtain Max Loderbauer step forward and introduce himself to record buyers as a solo artist.

Donato Dozzy, Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask

It seems in reworking someone else’s material Donato Dozzy found complete freedom to do what he want — a sentiment all too understandable given Bee Mask’s bounty of ideas.

tobias. / o.utlier, Classics / For One Of The Least (Main Pass)

Continuing its tradition of releasing one DJ-friendly record per year, Naïf marks 2013 with a split single from Tobias. and o.utlier.

Red Bull Music Academy 2013 — An Outsider’s Perspective

With some time to reflect, LWE’s associated editor, Chris Miller, offers his thoughts on Red Bull Music Academy’s takeover of New York City this past May.

Huerco S., Apheleia’s Theme

Apheleia’s Theme, the long delayed Future Times outing from Huerco S., proves well worth the wait.

DJ Qu, The Way / Liquid

Standing far apart from sounds commonly associated with Jersey house, DJ Qu creates something wholly original with the help of veteran vocalists Peven Everett and Josh Milan of Blaze.

LWE Interviews Steve Summers

In advance of his live PA this Saturday at Smart Bar, LWE caught up with Steve Summers about his recent shift towards the noisier side of things, his live set, and more.

Antigone, The Astral Traveller EP

Expanding beyond their roots as France’s most exciting underground party, Concrete’s label offers their first full artist EP with Antigone’s The Astral Traveller.

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald, Borderland

Reviving the collaborative spirit which brought them together in the 90s, Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald offer a singular sound on Borderland which fuses together the best elements of both producers.

MMM, Que Barbaro

MMM’s sixth record continues their run of spacious rave starters, taking some of the cues from their incredible Shangaan Electro remix and resulting in their strongest outing since “Donna.”

Sandwell District, Fabric 69

[Fabric] “Sandwell District is dead” — except when they’re not. Since their watershed moment a couple years ago — which is tough to define, but probably around Feed-Forward — Sandwell District has come to embody much more than just a label. The notion of a collective à la Basic Channel seems particularly apropos, as the […]

Demdike Stare, Testpressing #001/#002

For the Testpressing series, Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker strip away the ornate art that long accompanied their releases to reveal equally raw tracks with no end point in sight.

Martyn, Newspeak EP

It’s been more than a year since Martyn’s last proper record, and the Newspeak EP largely continues down the 4/4 trail he’s been traveling for awhile now.

Autechre, Exai

Exai will sound stylistically familiar to Autechre fans, almost comfortingly so, but it raises plenty of new challenges as well.

Curator’s Cuts 29: Chris Miller

LWE’s associate editor, Chris Miller, compiled Curator’s Cuts 29. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as the curator discloses and describes it as part of the podcast.

Chasing Voices, Awoken By Tears

Awoken By Tears, the fifth release from the genuinely shadowy, Dope James-affiliated Chasing Voices, is simply their best work yet.

Atom™, HD

Atom™ isn’t exactly palling around with Timbaland, but on his new album, HD, he takes a couple pages from Kraftwerk in his acerbic exploration of electronics in pop music.

Shawn O’Sullivan & Civil Duty, Security

Shawn O’Sullivan, whose rough and ready records for L.I.E.S. and W.T. have already earned him numerous plaudits, steps up for release three of Anthony Parasole’s Brooklyn label, The Corner.

Bookworms & Steve Summers, Confused House 1

For the inaugural release on his new Confused House label, Steve Summers and roommate Bookworms unleash a triptych of heady, masterful house tracks.