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Exclusive Download of the Week: Ka§par, Stella Maris (Bell Boys Mix)

This week’s exclusive download, Bell Boys’ remix of Ka§par’s “Stella Maris,” was an overlooked gem of 2013 which is available now for the first time in digital form.

Hakim Murphy, Chiffre

In the midst of a downpour of Hakim Murphy records I checked out one from the end of 2013, Chiffre on Mindshift Records.

DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel, Speckbass

Speckbass by DJ Fett Burger and DJ Speckgürtel is certainly worth hunting down wherever it can be found — a special 12″ that integrates many of the signatures of the Sex Tags label family.

Benedikt Frey, Seven Corridors

Seven Corridors, the second release on Benedikt Frey’s own imprint, Love Pain Sunshine & Rain, contains some of his most intrepid work yet — a wealth of textures and unpredictably shifting grooves.

DJ Debriefing with DJ Sprinkles

Always outspoken about her experiences and processes, Thaemlitz spoke with LWE via Skype in advance of a tour for Francis Harris’ album release, and more immediately before her gig at Oval Space on October 25th.

DJ Debriefing with Edward

In anticipation of his gig at Smart Bar this Saturday alongside Oskar Offermann, we spoke with Edward about the records which make his sets special for himself and his audiences.

Terrence Parker feat. Reno Ka, Finally – Part 1

Planet E is the third label to release Terrence Parker’s Finally, but also the best of the bunch with a Louie Vega remix and C2 edit.

LWE Interviews Schwarzmann

LWE caught up with Henrik and Frank via Skype to discuss the roots of the project, why they value improvising, and if or when we can expect Schwarzmann releases.

Hugh Mane, Spectra Sonics EP

It says a lot about our current climate that listening to Hugh Mane’s Spectra Sonic EP didn’t immediately convince me of its age: three particularly reverent house tracks which are entirely relevant today.

DJ Debriefing: DVS1

In advance of back to back gigs at Output NYC this weekend, LWE got in touch with DVS1 to have a peek in his record bag and thumb drives.

LWE Podcast 173: Steven Tang

Little White Earbuds took the opportunity to interview Steven Tang in Chicago, learning more about what’s given him the drive to make it as a full time artist. He also mixed together LWE’s 173rd exclusive podcast, 60 minutes of luscious house and techno, both new and old.

ItaloJohnson, ITJ 07

The three untitled tracks on ItaloJohnson’s ITJ 07 are exemplary of what distinguishes satisfying DJ tools from the generic hordes.

Todd Osborn, 303 / 909

Todd Osborn’s first 12″ in a few years also arrives courtesy of 7777303/909 and is rooted in the familiar pleasures of classic gear with a few twists.

LWE Podcast 165: Jimpster

LWE reached out to Jimpster to discuss how the new album came about, some of the most potent recent trends in dance music, and the depths of his A&R practices. He also delivered LWE’s 165th exclusive podcast, a wide-reaching and thoroughly entertaining summary of the sounds which have made Jimpster such an enduring presence.

LWE Interviews John Tejada

LWE spoke with John Tejada to find out more about his frequent collaborations, the quality control mechanisms of this prolific producer, and how his new live show finds him reworking parts of his back catalog.

DJ Sprinkles, Where Dancefloors Stand Still

DJ Sprinkles’ Where Dancefloors Stand Still is a particularly refreshing mix whose astoundingly on-point selections sequenced just so could redefine what listeners should expect from the mix CD format.

It’s You: The History of a Chicago House Classic

Watching the unfolding spectacular success of FCL’s cover version of “It’s You,” originally by Chicago duo E.S.P., made LWE curious to dive deep into the song behind it all and what’s happened since.

LWE Podcast 156: The Black Madonna

Standing as a shining example of how outsiders are the true insiders in dance music, LWE sat down with Veirge-Noire to discuss the paths that brought her here, why disco is so dear to her, and what the future holds for her.

Download of the Week: The Sonic Aesthetic, Mendicant Adventures

This week’s download is from the production debut of International Feel Recordings’ labelhead Mark Barrott: a slo-mo deep house workout.