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LWE Podcast 156: The Black Madonna

Standing as a shining example of how outsiders are the true insiders in dance music, LWE sat down with Veirge-Noire to discuss the paths that brought her here, why disco is so dear to her, and what the future holds for her.

Agnès, Jedi House EP

Agnès starts off 2013 with an unexpectedly robust offering, the five track Jedi House EP for Vitalik Recordings, which hues closely to his established sound.

Crazy P, Heartbreaker (Remixes)

If any track on Crazy P’s most recent LP deserved its own record it’s “Heartbreaker,” and it comes paired with new takes by buzzed about producers Huxley and Mark E.

How Not To Treat Women In Nightclubs

We’ve all heard stories about women enduring the kind intoxicated harassment club-going brings; some have dealt with it personally. So with the help of friends and peers, I’ve assembled a quick guide of How Not To Treat Women In Nightclubs.

Various Artists, 122 BPM: The Birth Of House Music

122BPM: The Birth Of House Music, aims to set the record straight about Chicago house and reveals some tantalizing details — including previously unreleased tracks and mixes — along the way.

LWE Podcast 138: Oliver Hafenbauer (LARJ)

LWE got in with Oliver Hafenbauer touch to discuss his role within LARJ, his B.H.F.V. project with Beißwenger, and a forthcoming solo imprint. He also mixed together LWE’s 138th podcast, a joyful and varied hour of dance music which embodies the good spirits of Robert Johnson.

Ry / Frank Wiedemann, Howling

Distant from all the sounds Âme has tackled since 2002, member Frank Wiedemann’s solo debut finds the German producer largely out of focus.

LWE Podcast 133: Alex Israel

Alex Israel pulled together LWE’s 133rd exclusive podcast, a whirlwind tour through his record collection that reveals a deep respect for American dance music and contains a few unreleased gems.

Tom Demac, Obstructing The Light EP

Tom Demac’s Obstructing The Light carries on the Glass Table tradition of confounding as it delivers intriguing house dispatches.

Franklin De Costa, She Is The One

Wading into still slower tempos, Franklin De Costa strikes upon some intriguing ideas with his She Is The One EP for Mule Musiq.

Outboxx, Astro Girl EP

For the Astro Girl EP, Outboxx return to Immerse Records where they first got their start while offering their most accessible material to date.

LWE Podcast 126: Tomas Barfod

LWE caught up with Barfod about the necessity of playing live, his new project The Circle, and his relationship to the under- and overground electronic music scenes. The long-time DJ also created LWE’s 126th exclusive podcast, one which places his own sound into context as it raises listeners’ pulses and gets feet tapping.

Exclusive Download of the Week: Machinedrum, Luster

This week’s EXCLUSIVE download is an unreleased track by Machinedrum in support of the website Electronic Explorations.

Tomas Barfod, Salton Sea

Tomas Barfod’s second album, Salton Sea, succeeds where many have failed by offering an engaging slate of songs rendered with a seamless mixture of techno’s electronic pulse and organic instrumentation.

LWE Podcast 124: Pittsburgh Track Authority

LWE sat down with PTA in Detroit during Movement weekend, discussing the group’s surprising origins in drum and bass, the tribulations of being based in Pittsburgh, and their plans to conquer America as a live act. PTA also contributed LWE’s 124th exclusive podcast, a thrilling mixture of present and future releases demonstrating the breadth of their sound.

Pépé Bradock, Imbroglios Part I

Imbroglios Part I, then, is a well balanced meal, bearing four new Pépé Bradock tracks that cater to DJs, home listeners, and those in-between.

Download of the Week: Tomas Barfod, November Skies

This week’s download is a standout moment from Tomas Barfod’s forthcoming album, Salton Sea.

The Citizen’s Band, Broken Rome

Like its predecessor, Broken Rome sheds past aesthetics like last season’s wardrobe, favoring a demented if relatively more conventional house sound that leaves a few roots showing.

Emeralds, Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Daphni Mixes)

Dan Snaith (aka Caribou and Daphni) deepens the bond between drone trio Emeralds and the dance music fans with two mixes of their “Does It Look Like I’m Here?”

Recloose, Magic

Recloose maintains the rampant energy of the Saturday Night Manifesto E.P. on his latest single, Magic.