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Sensate Focus, Sensate Focus 10

Sensate Focus finds Mark Fell dicing up his collaboration with Terre Thaemlitz and remodeling it as two 10 minute slates roughly compatible with contemporary UK dance tracks.

Kirill Tipo, Believe In Rhythm

Arriving on Outernational, Kirill Tipo’s sophomore EP refines a deep-house sound, which, while still bearing distinct influences, makes a striking impression.

LWE Podcast 114: Jonsson / Alter

In addition to their in-depth interview, Jonsson/Alter contributed LWE’s 114th exclusive podcast: a recording of a late-2011 live PA which conveys just how loose and party-oriented their music can be when the timing is right.

Pittsburgh Track Authority, Pittsburgh Tracks 001

Pittsburgh Track Authority’s capabilities as composers and arrangers comes through the clearest on Pittsburgh Tracks 001, the inaugural release of Pittsburgh Tracks.

Curator’s Cuts 21: LWE Staff

Curator’s Cuts 21 features some of LWE’s writing staff discussing five of electronic music’s prevailing trends in 2011, noting some of our favorite underrated tracks, and opining on what 2012 might have in store.

Wincent Kunth, MDR 8

Dettmann entrusted the 8th volume of MDR with Wincent Kunth, an unknown, purportedly Swiss producer whose debut is a perfectly executed, eye-opening experience.

Ethyl & Flori, Shelter

Ethyl & Flori dig deeper into Chicago-styled house for their Secretsundaze single, Shelter, which comes with a Rolando remix.

Talking Shopcast with Smallville Records

LWE quizzed Steinhoff and von Ahlefeld about Smallville’s origins, its relationship with its sibling labels, and plans for 2012. Together as Smallpeople, they also provided Talking Shopcast 14 — an exquisite hour of house delicacies to start the year of right.

The Citizen’s Band, 77 Reasons

While keeping busy with Arto Mwambe and behind the scenes work, Beißwenger found time for a new CB solo project: The Citizen’s Band makes its debut on LARJ with 77 Reasons.

LWE Podcast 105: Morning Factory

As one of house music’s most compelling new prospects, LWE tracked down Morning Factory to discuss their division of labor, their take on the Dutch dance scene, and the advice they would give young producers. They also provided us with our 105th exclusive podcast, a blistering 80 minutes of high quality house laced with vintage favorites and potential classics.

Melchior Productions Ltd., Apariciones Reworked

Apariciones Reworked aims to inject some magic back into the original tracks with remixes by Melchior’s long time friends, Baby Ford and Ricardo Villalobos.

Gerd, Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves, Gerd’s latest for Clone’s Royal Oak sub-label, is perhaps his best and most relevant find to date and comes with dub mix by Clone founder Serge and Alden Tyrell.

LWE Podcast 100: Chicago Skyway

We can’t think of a better way to reach the 100 podcast milestone than with two incredible works by one of Chicago’s rising stars: a groovy, sweat-inducing DJ set and a live set made almost entirely of unreleased CS material.

Matthew Styles, Sample & Hold EP

The Sample & Hold EP on Running Back is Matthew Styles’ first solo record in three years, one that lends more credence to his reputation as unconventionally consistent.

LWE Podcast 98: Oskar Offermann

LWE chatted with Oskar Offermann and found that he’s on the move again, discussing his plans for his labels and his own personal sound. He’s also provided us with our 98th exclusive podcast, an hour of deeply groove-focused house music with some unexpected treats along the way.

Dexter, Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Driver, Verheijen’s latest EP as Dexter, arrives on Clone Basement Series and proves his production mastery extends to bass music as well.

Perseus Traxx, Misspent Emotions

Boe Recordings have lovingly pressed Perseus Traxx’s Misspent Emotions to limited, hand-stamped 180 gram vinyl, giving fans of Chicago/Detroit revivalism a new collector’s item to sit alongside their wax-stamped Future Flash records.

Nebraska, Displacement

After two well received EPs of new material, Gibbs returns with his highest profile statement yet, the Displacement LP for Rush Hour.

Oliver $ Explains Doin’ Ya Thang To LWE

When LWE was offered the opportunity to interview Oliver “$” Siebert, we knew it was important to ask about the arrangements, motivations, and ethical quandaries behind one of 2011’s most notorious records.

Lee Holman, 2nd Kawl

Although I would stop short of calling Lee Holman an imitator, 2nd Kawl comes tantalizingly close to the rarefied territory inhabited by René Pawlowitz.