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LWE Podcast 183: Austin Cesear

LWE sought out Austin Cesear to find out whether his other projects were still active, how his jammed approach drives his sound, and if he feels any pressure to follow up his hugely impressive first release. He also provided us with our 183rd exclusive podcast, an hour long journey of house and techno to sate even the fussiest of tastes.

LWE Podcast 182: Gerry Read

Enjoy Gerry Read’s bespoke selection of house and techno that takes in some stone cold classics, rarities, and unknown gems in our exclusive 182nd podcast.

LWE Podcast 181: Keith Worthy

LWE tracked down Keith Worthy to talk about his label, the album and what it takes to produce honest music. He also mixed together our 181st exclusive podcast, a timeless mix of heartfelt house and techno, made up of freshly minted and age old classics.

LWE Podcast 180: Sven Weisemann

LWE reached out to Sven Weisemann about about his new album, Inner Motions, and to get the lowdown on his various pseudonyms. He also mixed our 180th exclusive podcast, a brilliant but surprising mix of tough, weathered techno that stands in contrast to his usual deep, melodic style.

LWE Podcast 179: Anaxander

LWE caught up with Anaxander to talk about his production methods, his penchant for the little silver box, and to find out where it all began for him. Not only did he grace us with a solid hour of house and techno for our 179th exclusive podcast, but he also kindly made a new track especially for us to give away with this feature — what a guy!

Talking Shopcast with Don’t Be Afraid

LWE got in touch with Roth to talk about creating a successful label, where he discovered some of the new talent on DBA, and telling your heroes that you don’t like their work.

LWE Podcast 177: Oliver Hacke

LWE contacted Oliver Hacke to find out why he stopped producing and whether he is likely to return to it. He filled me in on these questions and more, with his stunning mix — the 177th exclusive for our series highlighting why DJing is his primary passion at the moment.

LWE Podcast 176: Youandewan

Youandewan filled us in on his approach in the studio, what he’s had to do along the way to stay afloat and what his plans for the future are. He also mixed our 176th exclusive podcast; a lovingly curated mix of some of his favorite tracks, a fair amount of his own edits and more than a hint of what we can expect next from the talented producer.

LWE Podcast 175: Linkwood

LWE approached Linkwood to find out more about his musical background, how his engineering work influences his own productions and to get the low down on his forthcoming sophomore album. We also charged him with putting together our 175th exclusive podcast; an incredible mix of forthcoming gems and contemporary classics from himself and his peers.

LWE Podcast 172: Svengalisghost

Little White Earbuds got on the phone with Svengalisghost to talk about what informs his work, his many different musical projects, and why his music is designed to present you with an unflattering account of reality. He also provided us with our 172nd podcast, a thrilling and visceral live set from his recent appearance at Recyclart in Brussels for the Meakusa label night.

LWE Podcast 171: Thomas Fehlmann

LWE reached out to ask Fehlmann about how he and Patterson work together, what it was like working with reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, and how it felt being back on stage with some of his old Palais Schaumburg members after nearly 30 years. He also treated us to an hour of some of his most recent musical purchases, a supreme mix of house and techno that makes up our 171st exclusive podcast.

LWE Podcast 170: Moomin

LWE caught up with Moomin to find out if we’ll be hearing more from Roaming, to discuss his own label, Closer, and how that will tie in with his love of hip hop. Charged with putting together our 170th exclusive podcast, he truly turned it out with 80 minutes of deep house classics and rarities.

LWE Podcast 169: The Mole

In an interview that tackled the big issues like childhood dreams, mustaches, paddle boards and classic Canadian rock, we felt a little bit closer to unraveling the enigma that is The Mole. He was also kind enough to put together our 169th exclusive podcast, a fifty minute journey of faultless house music that takes in some of his favorite tracks of the moment.

LWE Podcast 168: Spatial

LWE connected with Spatial to discuss mathematics, his new project Primitives, remixing techno legend Kirk Degiorgio, and to find out what’s in store for his Infrasonics label. He also put together an absurdly fine mix for our 168th exclusive podcast, ranging from early 90s hallucinatory electronics to roughened bass and techno maneuvers, peppered with a few of his own select dubs.

LWE Podcast 167: DJ Nature

Little White Earbuds tracked down Johnson to quiz him about his approach to recording, to find out what he was up to during his musical hiatus and to see what he has in store for us next. He also mixed our 167th exclusive podcast; a hugely enjoyable collection of deep house and affiliated business with a few eclectic diversions thrown in for good measure.

Exclusive Download of the Week: Inkswel, She Likes Techno

This week’s exclusive download is the digital debut of Inkswel’s “She Likes Techno” from the sought after Get To My Party 12″.

LWE Podcast 166: Will Saul presents CLOSE

LWE sat down with Will Saul to talk about his labels, to quiz him on his new project, CLOSE, and to find out how winning an amateur DJ comp helped launch his career. He also mixed together our 166th exclusive podcast; truly mesmerizing and packed full of unreleased gems, it’s the perfect antidote for your weekend hangover.

LWE Podcast 164: The Black Dog

Little White Earbuds got in touch with the trio to talk about studio duties, trolling the RA forums and how an unfortunate airport incident left Ken with a lifelong disdain for aviation authority (but garnered us an album in the process). The guys were also kind enough to put together our 164th exclusive podcast – an hour of compelling techno that gathers some of their favorite tunes of the minute with cuts from new album, Tranklements.

LWE Podcast 163: Vakula

A long time fan of the producer, Little White Earbuds set out to conduct an in-depth interview with the artist born Mikhaylo Vityk, but with language differences getting in the way this proved to be a somewhat fruitless task. His sentiments however shone through via his preferred method of communication; ethereal, tripped out house is the order of the day from the Slavic master.

LWE Podcast 162: Recondite

Wanting to delve deeper into the world of Recondite, Little White Earbuds got in touch to talk about his studio, why he’s not likely to be remixing many other producers, and just where German cock-rockers Rammstein fit into his work. He put together a live set of his own productions for us that makes up our 162nd exclusive podcast. He suggests you listen to it in the back seat of a car, high on summer sun and natural combustibles, but we think its brilliance is likely to hit you no matter where you hear it.