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Pev & Asusu / Pev & Kowton, MMM & Pangaea Remixes

For the first in a series of Livity Sound remix 12″s, the pairing of MMM and Pangaea makes good sense, due to their shared affinity for body-block sonic warmth and efficiency.

Dego And Kaidi, Dego And Kaidi

Breakbeat pioneers Dego & Kaidi provide four fingerwaggingly funky and achingly poignant tracks, with rhythms to bend you out of shape, and a cool, glowing soul that’s characteristic of Eglo’s sound.

Garnier, AF 0490

Like Gerd’s Geeeman project, Laurent Garnier’s AF 0490 applies a big-room approach to its stripped-down, utilitarian inspiration.

Samuel, Numberuma

Brstl’s sixth release sees the production debut of young Bath-based producer Samuel, who impresses with a couple of fiercely insistent rollers that sound as effortless as they do assured.

A5, Udacha 8

The five tracks of A5’s Udacha 8 are lacking not in drive but in much else to offer the listener trying to parse a groove from it.

Serious Trouble, Serious Trouble

Serious Trouble, German producer Benedikt Frey’s new self-released 12”, is a distinct and divergent release.

Till Krüger, Trends

On Trends, Till Krüger returns to the well of Detroit techno sounds for three tracks that are enjoyable if not particularly groundbreaking.

Alex Israel, A Man Of Qualities EP

A Man of Qualities, Alex Israel’s latest for Creme Organization, works with a rawer palette but maintains the Detroit producer’s melodic advantages.

Martyn, Vancouver (Head High Remix)

Having crossed paths previously in remix form when Martyn remixed Shed’s “Another Wedged Chicken” to great effect, Pawlowitz is perfectly positioned to return the favor under his bone crunching Head High alias on a new single released by 3024

Cooly G, Hold Me

Cooly G’s Hold Me is far more sweaty, in-your-face, and danceable than the spun-out shadow spaces of Playin’ Me

Oskar Offermann, Distance is Depth

For Distance is Depth, Oskar Offermann delves into the world of vocal samples to an extent not usually heard in his music.

Rivet, Bear Bile

Bear Bile, the Rivet’s sixth 12″, showcases the continued success of this ascetic approach.

Trus’me, PN25

Skudge and Marcellus are the first to contribute remixes of Trus’me’s 2013, Treat Me Right.

Seixlack, Seu Lugar É O Cemitério

Seixlack continues Brazilian label 40% Foda/Maneirissimo’s streak of singular artists.

Various Artists, Apartment Six

Kenny Hanlon’s Apartment label has tended to trade in classically informed house, techno, and electro. Apartment Six, the label’s first compilation, doesn’t break the spell, but it does provide bang for the buck.

Broken English Club, Jealous God 04

Broken English Club is the new moniker of UK techno veteran Oliver Ho, and this record sees him experimenting with a blank stared, pin-point focused electronic palate that betrays no-wave/post-punk influences.

Leisure Muffin, Clay Wilson, The Bunker New York 001 & 002

The first two releases from The Bunker’s newly launched label — by Leisure Muffin and Clay Wilson — stay true to the sonic ideals of their infamous parties.

Elgato, Links / Sun

With Links / Sun, Elgato applies his reptilian touch to deep-house tropes, and the results are finely balanced on the cusp of engrossing and uncanny as per usual.

Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg, Vintergatan EP

The Vintergatan EP by Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg maintains the quirky, lighthearted attitude inherent in most Crime City Disco records with trickling arpeggios and cosmic chords.

Shackleton, Freezing Opening Thawing

Freezing Opening Thawing, Shackleton’s first offering in almost two years, does not deviate much from his usual style, but it does present a magnificent new mutation.