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Juju & Jordash, Waldorf Salad / Third Planet From Altair

Juju & Jordash’s Waldorf Salad / Third Planet From Altair is a reminder that the duo is just as good when they play it straight.

Vince Watson, It’s Not Over

With soundtracks and more traditionally musical projects occupying more of Vince Watson’s time, It’s Not Over finds him stripping back his club-focused productions to their essences.

JTC, Valley Road (We Are 1)

Tadd Mullinix closed out 2013 on Spectral Sound with Valley Road (We Are 1), a record which incorporates breakbeats as part of one of his catchiest James T. Cotton tracks to date.

Earthen Sea, Mirage

Daniel “Ital” Martin-McCormick begins releasing other artists on his Lovers Rock label, starting with former Mi Ami bandmate, Jacob Long aka Earthen Sea.

Helm, The Hollow Organ

The the four tracks on The Hollow Organ areexpansive in their use of found sound, knackered electronics, and strange acoustics to plow dead-eyed territory: negative energies clacking through hidden pipes.

Vril, Vortekz

Vortekz, Vril’s first EP for Delsin, offers relentless, tiered dub techno with the internal rhythmic logic of sneakers in a dryer.

Earth House Hold, See Through You

Brock Vay Wey misses the mark on See Through You, his recent single for Peach under the Earth House Hold moniker.

NHK’Koyxeи, Dance Classics Vol. III

The third in a trilogy of Dance Classics from Kouhei Matsunaga, Vol. III sees NHK’Koyxen engage with techno more overtly than on previous issues.

Maxi Mill, Lost And Found / Speed Balance Weight

Maxi Mill returns to Rush Hour’s Direct Voyage series with another 12″, and surprisingly, both tracks find him at the almost exact spot he left off.

John Daly, Solar Sailing

The tenth volume on John Daly’s One Track Records provides a good value over it’s three tracks if perhaps not enough variety.

Ulwhednar, LP

Ulwhednar, a collaboration between Swedish producers Varg and Abdullah Rashim, released an LP of mesmerizing, immersive techno in 2013 that went widely overlooked.

Hakim Murphy, Chiffre

In the midst of a downpour of Hakim Murphy records I checked out one from the end of 2013, Chiffre on Mindshift Records.

Boxcutter, Gnosis EP

The Gnosis EP, Boxcutter’s first solo release in nearly two years, finds the Irish producer offering a bevy of complex and diverse sounds flecked with footwork rhythms.

DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel, Speckbass

Speckbass by DJ Fett Burger and DJ Speckgürtel is certainly worth hunting down wherever it can be found — a special 12″ that integrates many of the signatures of the Sex Tags label family.

Giovanni Damico, Cuttin’, Samplin’, Housin’ EP Part One

Cuttin, Samplin, Housin Part One, the sixth 12″ for Geography Records, sees the Malmö-based label stretching its reach further than ever before to Giovanni Damico in Salerno, Italy.

Floorplan, Phobia

Robert Hood’s Floorplan guise edges closer to the Detroit producer’s more austere side while delivering a whopping gospel-informed sound, as well.

Clement Meyer, Modern Primitivism

Indebted to elements of EBM, industrial, and early electronic music, Clement Meyer’s Modern Primitivism is a deviation from his older productions — a transitional collection that includes every bit of his personal stamp, often with brutal results.

Various Artists, Feral Grind

On the second release for his new label Submit, Perc and Justin Farrar curate some of the bloodiest and most mind-wrenching music to come from the new left-hand path.

Porn Sword Tobacco, Cave 4b-50 Clicks Northwest

Released with the help of the quiet achievers at Aniara Recordings,Cave 4b-50 Clicks Northwest updates two tracks from the last Porn Sword Tobacco album and presents one new one.

Silent Servant, Jealous God 03

With his new Jealous God label it seems like Mendez is ready to take his well-established sound and step outside of it: dissolving it, reshaping it, and bringing it into new territories.