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Illum Sphere, Dreamstealin EP

The Dreamstealin EP showcases the continued evolution of Illum Sphere’s sound and is his most accomplished work to date.

Distal/HxdB/Mayhem, Typewriter Tune VIP/Frozen Barnacles

Like a Venn diagram, the overlapping artist collaborations on the Typewriter Tune VIP/Frozen Barnacles single is a succinct overview of North American bass music styles.

Morgan Zarate, Hookid EP

Morgan Zarate finds Hyperdub, a label whose sounds are as diverse as his own musical career, as the home for his new Hookid EP.

Horsepower Productions, Quest For The Sonic Bounty

Quest for the Sonic Bounty, the third album by Horsepower Productions, is a layered and cavernous update of the early days of dubstep.

Taz, Gold Tooth Grin

Taz joins contemporaries Rustie and Hudson Mohawke in looking to the 80’s for inspiration with Gold Tooth Grin.

Modeselektor, Presents Modeselektion Vol.01

Modeselektion Vol.01 demonstrates why the term “bass” has become so popular as a way to describe the current state of electronic dance music.

Terror Danjah, Undeniable

Throughout Undeniable‘s thick tracklist each song fits into the whole as a strong and essential cog, like the people of a vibrant city, as befitting the origins of grime in East London.

Scuba, Triangulation (Interpretations)

To further explore all the avenues he pursued on Triangulation, Scuba enlisted a cadre of remixers to offer their Interpretations.

Arkist, I Couldn’t Possibly/Only If You Mean It

Bristolian newcomer Arkist continues his streak of noteworthy singles with I Couldn’t Possibly/Only If You Mean It for Immerse Records.

Peverelist & Hyetal, The Hum/rrr

Quite established apart, Peverelist and Hyetal show they’re just as good together on The Hum/rrr.

Rustie, Sunburst

Rustie maintains his position at the forefront of Glasgow’s psychedelic electronic scene with his Sunburst for Warp Records.

Numan, Race Against Time

The angular beats and fluid melodies on Numan’s debut, Race Against Time, fit together in surprising ways and keep listeners guessing.

Kryptic Minds, Follow Me VIP/Rubberman

After fully establishing their signature halfstep sound on 2009’s One of Us album, Kryptic Minds have issued three EPs on Osiris Music, the latest being Follow Me VIP.

Jack Sparrow, Circadian

Conscious of the ever-changing face of dance music, Jack Sparrow strives to create something timeless and universal on his debut album, Circadian.

Flying Lotus, Pattern+Grid World

Where Flying Lotus’s 2010 album Cosmogramma was a spiritual space odyssey, the follow-up EP, Pattern+Grid World, is an altogether more rough and tumble, experimental set of tunes.

Brackles, Songs For Endless Cities

Techno, hip-hop, dubstep and funky all make appearances on Songs For Endless Cities and Brackles treats them all the same, creating one groove line throughout the hour.

Pinch, The Boxer

Just when his producing talents started to exist only in the distant past, Pinch returns to his iconic stature with the tough and limber The Boxer.

Ikonika, Dckhdbtch

On Dckhdbtch‘s three tracks, Ikonika imbues her video game inspired tracks with a sophistication that was only hinted at in prior work.

Skream, Outside The Box

It’s somehow appropriate that Skream (aka Ollie Jones), one of the founders of dubstep, is the latest to test the waters for a pop crossover with his sophomore album, Outside The Box.

Peverelist, Better Ways of Living/Fighting Without Fighting

Peverelist’s latest single for his own Punch Drunk imprint affords audiences very different listening experiences depending on whether they hear it in a club or at home.