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LWE Podcast 161: K-HAND

LWE tracked down Hand to find out more about her career, her formative influences and what’s going on with Acacia Records. She also mixed our 161st exclusive podcast, which shows off her particular tastes and incredible skills on the decks.

LWE Podcast 160: Auntie Flo

Wanting to quiz the producer about his artist name, his penchant for African music and a whole lot else, LWE opened up the lines of communication. As well as filling us in on all of our queries, we were also rewarded with a stunning mix that spans continents, refuses to sit still, celebrates the 3rd birthday of the Highlife party and is also our 160th exclusive podcast.

LWE Podcast 159: James Priestley

LWE got in touch with James Priestley to see how you keep a party popular after 11 years, what some of his personal highlights have been along the way, and how he collaborates in the studio. He also put together our 159th exclusive podcast, which is a reminder of Priestley’s expertise behind the decks.

LWE Podcast 158: Brendon Moeller

LWE got in touch with Brendon Moeller to find out more about his label, what’s exciting him in his studio right now and the joys of playing live. He also put together our 158th podcast, a stunning hour of techno ranging from the ethereal to the menacing, the tripped out to the industrial. Download it now and feel your weekend kick back in.

Talking Shopcast with Hypercolour

LWE got in touch with Hypercolour to talk about the rise of the label, fostering their talent and how they tackle the workload that eight different labels gives you. Alex Jones also put together Talking Shopcast 17, which provides a tantalizing peek at some upcoming Hypercolour and affiliated releases.

LWE Podcast 157: Oliver Deutschmann

Oliver Deutschman was responsible for our 157th exclusive podcast, a solid hour of quality techno which shows he’s just as proficient behind the decks as in the studio.

Isolée, Allowance

Not known as producer who dabbles in trends, the three tracks of Isolée’s Allowance EP for Pampa Records sound like they could have come from any time in his career.

LWE Podcast 155: Lord Of The Isles

With little information on the Scottish talent available, Little White Earbuds spoke to the producer otherwise known as Neil McDonald to find out more about what makes him tick, his penchant for disco and what we can expect from him next.

Curator’s Cuts 28: Per Bojsen-Moller

LWE’s podcast producer, Per Bojsen-Moller, compiled Curator’s Cuts 28. We will post the tracklist later in the week, as the curator discloses and describes it as part of the podcast.

LWE Podcast 154: Steve Bicknell

Little White Earbuds caught up with Bicknell to find out more about the early years of LOST and whether we are to be treated to more of his inimitable productions. He also presented us with a very special mix for our exclusive 154th podcast, made up exclusively of the original and remixed works of Hauschka’s stunning Salon Des Amateurs album.

LWE Podcast 153: John Heckle

Little White Earbuds got in touch with John Heckle to talk inspiration, synth-love, and to find out why no-one has remixed any of his tracks. He also treated us to a special live set of his own productions, including some exclusive and unreleased cuts that form our 153rd exclusive LWE podcast.

LWE Podcast 152: Prince of Denmark

For LWE’s 152nd exclusive podcast, Prince of Denmark put together a formidable live set; a nearly hour long mix of his current and forthcoming releases serving as an amazing introduction for the unfamiliar.

LWE Podcast 151: Ian Pooley

LWE was lucky enough to have Ian Pooley put together our 151st exclusive podcast: a masterful collection of house and techno from one of the true masters himself.

Various Artists, Dispatches From The Bubble

Moeller’s new series on his Steadfast label gathers together tracks from four different techno pundits, each with their own particular take on dance floor techno.

LWE Podcast 147: Anstam

Little White Earbuds got in touch with Anstam to find out more about his approach to production, the other mediums of art he promulgates, and the soft-synths he creates to make his tracks more challenging to produce. He also provided us with the ultimate in our regular series of podcasts for the year, our 147th exclusive and one that you won’t soon forget.

LWE Podcast 146: Quince

LWE got in touch with the Dutch producer to find out what he’d been up to in that time, what gear he uses to get his particular sound and what his less obvious musical influences are. Showing that his musical expertise lies not just in production, Quince also treated us to over an hour and a half of his inimitable DJ abilities, making our 146th exclusive podcast an instant classic and the best way to start off your week.

LWE Podcast 145: Murat Tepeli

LWE got in touch with Murat Tepeli to find out more about the making of Serenity, whether we’re likely to see further collaborations with Prosumer, and what role music plays in a life that is primarily dedicated to saving lives. He also mixed our 145th exclusive podcast, a deeply felt collection of house and techno that is executed with surgical precision.

LWE Podcast 144: Big Strick

LWE recently quizzed Big Strick on his passion for music that never died out, the back and forth of influences between him and Omar-S, and about the special guests on his recent 7 Days Ent. compilation. He also put together our 144th exclusive podcast, a burning hot mix of house and techno with a heavy nod to the D and his own personal late night style.

LWE Podcast 143: Achterbahn D’Amour

Little White Earbuds got in touch with Achterbahn D’Amour to find out more about Jürgen, to quiz Johannes on the up-sides of diversifying from his Iron Curtis day job, and to see what they have in store for their first live set. Inspired by a recent DJ set they saw, they also put together an incredible mix for us of classic and contemporary house and techno, our 143rd exclusive podcast and sure to be an instant favorite.

LWE Podcast 142: Kai Alcé

LWE got in touch with Kai to quiz the producer about NDATL Muzik, whether there are any clubs that he feels stand up to the legacy of the Music Institute, and to find out if we can expect to hear more from his KGB project with Brett Dancer and Glenn Crocker. He also mixed our 142nd podcast; a beautiful collection of jazz, house classics and some contemporary favorites.