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LWE Podcast 141: The Analogue Cops

Instead of a usual DJ mix we have been treated to a special live PA jam by The Analogue Cops for our 141st exclusive podcast; the result of one day in their studio and all material created solely for our listening pleasure.

LWE Podcast 140: Marcellus Pittman

Little White Earbuds got in touch with Mr. Pittman ahead of his date at Fabric’s 13th birthday celebrations to find out more about his beginnings, what his position in 3 Chairs and Rotating Assembly means to him, and how he approaches his DJ sets. He also gave us our 140th exclusive podcast, a typically inspired and far reaching journey through funk, soul, house and techno that just gets better with each successive track.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Lee “Scratch” Perry

Little White Earbuds called this living legend at his home in Switzerland for a typically cryptic yet enlightening talk about the album, reggae vampires and his tips for staying strong and healthy.

Mathew Jonson, Panna Cotta

With Mathew Jonson now at the controls of Itiswhatitis, he’s restarted it with a couple of lost treasures from the mid-aughts era he once dominated.

LWE Podcast 139: Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco pulled out all the stops for LWE Podcast 139, leading us on a wonderfully dark and seductive trip through late night house and techno.

LWE Podcast 137: Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias talked to LWE about the benefits of his new studio being outside of his house, his next album for Rekids, and why he’s not happy with the people who released his re-edit of Adonis’ classic “Rockin’ Down the House.” He also mixed our 137th exclusive podcast, a late night selection of inspirations and influences that highlights Tobias’ impeccable taste and his ability to rock a dance floor.

Exclusive Download of the Week: Sam Willis, Frozen/Cirrus

This week’s exclusive download provides tantalizing insights into the solo sounds of Sam Willis, one half of Walls and also known as Snoretex.

LWE Podcast 135: Gavilan Rayna Russom

Gavilan Rayna Russom told LWE about integrating magic with music and the advantages on taking on remix work. She also provided us with our 135th exclusive podcast, which sees the producer lay down a special on-the-fly mix through some of her most prized records.

LWE Podcast 134: Semtek

LWE met up with Semtek at a local cafe to talk about his start in music, making epic-length tracks in France and the importance of keeping his endeavors close-knit and personal. He also put together our 134th exclusive podcast, an energetic blend of house and techno that is a perfect mix of contemporary and classic styles.

Simoncino, Dreams EP

Simoncino’s Dreams EP for Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint, although at times showing some flair, fails to stand up alongside much of his other work.

LWE Podcast 131: Kowton

LWE wanted to find out more about Kowton so got in touch for a chat about sampling, the breaking down of genres and why it is so important for producers to take that big step and send out some demos. He also mixed together our 131st exclusive podcast; a sometimes sunny, often brooding amalgam of house and techno that shows another side to the young producer.

LWE Podcast 130: Maxmillion Dunbar

LWE got in touch with Maxmillion to find out more about his home town, how the Beautiful Swimmers work their magic in the studio and how making beats took over from writing rhymes. He also gave us our 130th exclusive podcast, a wonderfully eclectic and brand new-retro journey into sound and space.

LWE Podcast 129: Patrice Scott

Patrice Scott put together our 129th exclusive podcast; a faultless mix of late night house and techno that exhibits not only his supreme taste but also the underlying deepness that is inherent in his own productions.

LWE Podcast 128: Szare

Szare put together our 128th exclusive podcast; another thrilling mix of techno and affiliated business that marks the first time we have asked someone back to do a second mix for us, and is testament to the esteem in which we hold them.

LWE Podcast 127: Maxi Mill

LWE chatted with Maxi Mill about his ties with Tom Trago, juggling family life with production and what’s he’s got planned for the future. He also put together our 127th exclusive podcast, an engaging mix mostly made up of the work of his Amsterdam compatriots, which showcases the incredible talent coming out of this hotbed of electronic music.

LWE Podcast 123: Osunlade

LWE tracked down Osunlade on his island home of Santorini to talk about his passions outside of music, why his last album will be his last house album and what his dedication to Ifá means to his music. He also put together our 123rd exclusive podcast, a wonderful blend of influences and inspirations that will perfectly soundtrack your long summer days.

LWE Podcast 122: Midland

Midland created LWE’s 122nd exclusive podcast, a mammoth perfect example of a timeless journey through sounds and styles that will become an instant fixture on your playlists.

Paperclip People, Throw Remix

Ignoring the timeless advice, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Slam turn in a negligible remix of Carl Craig’s undeniable classic as Paperclip People, “Throw.”

LWE Podcast 121: Delano Smith

Delano Smith put together LWE’s 121st exclusive podcast, an on-the-fly excursion through some of his past and present favorites that will leave you in no doubt as to the prowess of one of Detroit’s founding fathers.

Nuno Dos Santos, Hamming

Although his remixes have hinted at latent solo talents, Nuno Dos Santos’ Hamming single is the first time we see them come to the fore — and backed by a Donato Dozzy remix.