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LWE 2Q Reports 2011: Albums

For LWE’s first 2Q Report of 2011, Jordan Rothlein rounds up five full-lengths that stand tall above their peers so far.

AnD, Horizontal Ground 09

Horizontal Ground continues to defy expectations with its ninth edition by AnD.

Deadboy, Here EP

Here EP reminds listeners that, while neither Deadboy nor the Numbers camp is synonymous with the eternally next-level, they’re very much engaged with those who are.

Andy Stott, Passed Me By

Andy Stott’s Passed Me By might be dance music shaved down to within an inch of its life, but it’s an inch far too tantalizing to be left for dead.

LWE Podcast 83: FaltyDL

In advance of FaltyDL’s June 2nd performance at MUTEK 2011, we spoke about his production ethic, his local and national scene, and his favorite spots for sushi. He also compiled LWE’s 83rd podcast, a blistering 42 minutes of music which leaps across styles and tracks like a sonic gymnast.

LWE Does Unsound Festival NY 2011

After a week of recuperation, LWE’s Jordan Rothlein and Chris Miller offer their thoughts on this year’s Unsound Festival New York.

Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Horizontal Structures

Where Vertical Ascent was made up of four discrete and easily approachable tracks, Horizontal Structures works most effectively as an entire set, one you may find a bit difficult to fully digest.

nsi., Sync

Sync doesn’t feel like the group’s next logical step so much as a blatant restatement of purpose: these are nsi.’s machines, and this is everything they can do.

BNJMN, Plastic World

What’s perhaps most impressive about Plastic World is how confidently BNJMN navigates uncharted sonic territory.

LWE Podcast 78: Tin Man

LWE checked in with Tin Man to find out what we did to deserve this sudden bounty of music, why he won’t be settling into a multi-release deal anytime soon, and what sounds and places inform his inimitable body of work. He also contributed LWE’s 78th podcast, a mix of his own tracks that provides a jaw-dropping preview of his forthcoming material.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Mala

Interviewing Mala felt like a task as heavy as the bass weight that made him famous. LWE spoke with him about the downsides of the Internet, the virtues of not having a codified creative process, and the general aura of greatness that surrounds Moritz von Oswald.

Steffi, Yours & Mine

Steffi’s debut album, Yours & Mine stays true to her club-friendly house sound and adds personal touches rather than genre polemics.

Rolando, 5 To 8 EP

The 5 To 8 EP is neither DJ Rolando’s nor the label’s finest hour in purely musical terms, but as Ben Klock revealed on his stately Berghain 04 mix, these tracks can do a lot of work.

Tin Man, Acid Test 01

With Acid Test 01, Tin Man moves closer to the dance floor than ever before and brings along Donato Dozzy for an in-the-zone remix.

Kirk Degiorgio, Flote EP

On the Flote EP for Flying Donkey Music, Kirk Degiorgio has once again managed to rein in his explosive tendencies enough to deliver something sweet, not saccharine.

Future Beat Alliance, Mourning EP

Future Beat Alliance’s first Tresor release, the Machines Can Help EP, fit into his dramatic sci-fi universe perfectly. His latest, the Mourning EP, sort of jumps the shark.

Space Dimension Controller, Temporary Thrillz

SDC wears a number of different hats on Temporary Thrillz, his new doublepack for R&S, without ever sounding like he’s finding his footing.

Bvdub/Shifty Science, Same Boat, Different Sea/Love’s Not Fading

The first release from Chicago-based Love’s Label brings together old friends bvdub and Shifty Science for a tour of warm, old-school influenced house sounds.

LWE Podcast 62: DJ Qu

The dark-house don DJ Qu and I were ostensibly meeting up for an interview, but I got the distinct sense he’d be down for a lengthy chat about vinyl, house dancing, and putting his long-in-the-works album together regardless of whether the tape was rolling. Qu was also kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix of, in his words, “Thump and vibe, in a Warrior style mentality.”

LWE Podcast 61: Sepalcure

LWE sat down with Sepalcure to find out how they shifted from a casual side-project to Hotflush-approved, extremely-hotly-tipped “lovestep” juggernaut. The boys were also kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix of the sort of tender house and fiesty bass that’s perhaps best enjoyed with a smooth Malbec and that special someone.