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LWE Interviews Steve Summers

In advance of his live PA this Saturday at Smart Bar, LWE caught up with Steve Summers about his recent shift towards the noisier side of things, his live set, and more.

LWE Interviews Outboxx

In advance of their performance at Echo Festival this weekend, LWE corresponded with Outboxx via email about their work methods, their influences, and their ever-changing live set.

LWE Interviews John Talabot

John Talabot is prepping to roll out the live show once again, taking him essentially nonstop from MUTEK this weekend through Italy’s Club to Club in November. And somehow, amidst all of this, he found time to talk with us, about his label, his album, and the path he took towards becoming John Talabot.

LWE Interviews Joey Anderson

In this interview, Little White Earbuds asks Joey Anderson about his roots, his methods, and his future, which looks just as bright as his Tri-State peers’.

LWE Interviews Alex Smoke

Once again, the frank and cheerful Alex Smoke seems poised to capture the public consciousness, this time possessed with a confidence and maturity his 23-year-old self could hardly have imagined. LWE spoke to the Scotsman recently about his next steps.

LWE Interviews Petre Inspirescu

LWE corresponded with Petre Inspirescu via email about Romania’s dance scene, his hybrid classical-house sound, and his goals for the future.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Space Dimension Controller

With his long awaited debut album finally arriving next week, LWE interviewed Belfast’s Space Dimension Controller via email about his interplanetary outlook.

LWE Interviews Pangaea

Little White Earbuds caught up with Pangaea to talk about the early days of Hessle Audio, the perils of “listener fatigue,” and why techno may well be the way forward.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Steffi

If one guiding mantra brought Steffi her success as a Panorama Bar resident and accomplished producer, it’s that if something must be done, you do it. No excuses or short-cuts. LWE’s Nick Connellan found this out during a recent chat during her Australian tour.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Lee “Scratch” Perry

Little White Earbuds called this living legend at his home in Switzerland for a typically cryptic yet enlightening talk about the album, reggae vampires and his tips for staying strong and healthy.

LWE Interviews Norman Nodge

LWE caught up with Norman Nodge recently to chat about Berghain 06, the constantly shifting techno scene of Berlin, and that pesky GEMA issue that everyone keeps talking about.

Industrial Resonance Pt. III: The Industrial Influences of Perc

In this third and final Industrial Resonance piece, LWE asks Ali Wells AKA Perc about his experiences with industrial music and common misconceptions on how the music is meant to be.

Industrial Resonance Pt. II: The Industrial Influences of Surgeon

In this second Industrial Resonance piece, LWE chats with Anthony Child aka Surgeon about how his surroundings influenced his industrial-influenced music and the term “industrial.”

LWE Interviews Function

As Function emphasized repeatedly during this candid chat with LWE’s Jordan Rothlein — a conversation touching on New York and Berlin, the allure of vinyl DJing, and some tantalizing hints of what his debut solo album may hold — his story is one of continual evolution.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Bok Bok

As Bok Bok discloses in his LWE interview, Night Slugs is an outlet that exists in between modern pop music and other design pursuits, and it’s this in-betweenness and “stickability” that makes it so dynamic and agile a creative force.

LWE Interviews Blondes

LWE called Blondes to ask about the series that lead to their album, their sonic evolution, and their weirdly perfect stint playing live in Ibiza.

LWE Interviews Lawrence

Little White Earbuds got in touch with Lawrence to talk about the longevity of Dial, which producers are exciting him right now and the forthcoming projects for his various enterprises.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Africa Hitech

While touring the U.S. Africa Hitech found time to chat with LWE about their history, influences, working together, and what the future holds.

Little White Earbuds Interviews Skudge

In advance of their live performance at Blkmarket Membership on October 14th in New York City, LWE contacted Skudge about life post-Phantom, and it appears their day-to-day is business as usual.

LWE Interviews Kassem Mosse

We caught up with Kassem Mosse in July after his set at The Bunker to chat about context, his newest projects, and to solve the mystery of the facial-haired stamps.